About Bapin Group

Welcome to Bapin Group! Based in the bay area, Bapin Group supplies the most technologically innovative equipment and software currently available.

Are you tired of having little or no time to look for sales and discounts, deal with rebates, find and cut out coupons, or rush to try and purchase items at below-retail prices, just to find that you have overlooked an expiration date on a discount? With Bapin Group, this problem will never exist! No need to think of all the retailers you can come up with who may offer below-retail pricing. Make your day more productive and buy from Bapin Group. You are certain to get a great price whether you purchase online or by calling us, and you will get a discount when available.

We serve those who are deaf-blind, deaf with low vision, blind, as well as others with disabilities. We supply a broad range of computer hardware and software, peripherals, and adaptive/assistive technology products. We may, on a case by case basis, offer free demonstrations of these products. From time to time, we will send out announcements regarding new products that you may want to be the first to know about. If you find something new and believe Bapin Group is the right place to sell it, please let us know!

We also serve private individuals/organizations, non-profit/governmental agencies, educational establishments, and commercial enterprises all over the world. Our top goal is to help our customers get what they need and ensure that they have the peace of mind knowing that they can rely on us for friendly and satisfactory services.

Equally important, Bapin Group remains impartial and will work to establish strong, long-lasting working relationships with all our customers. We look forward to hearing from you and being afforded the honor of serving you.

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