BackTpack 4

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Fourth generation BackTpack for children and adults. Dual side-bag carrying system that conforms to the natural body structure to train good posture.
One size fits adults and children from age 7 and up. Redesigned back panel and strapping system fits Small, Medium, and Large body sizes.
Highly adjustable to accommodate different body types.
Ample bag capacity same as Medium/Large BackTpack 3.

What’s New About the BackTpack 4?

  1. Narrower back panel creates a contour of shoulder straps for greater comfort, sizing, and stability on shoulders.
  2. Locking system for hip width. It allows adjustment for narrower or wider hips, and holds the weight of the bags when leaning forward as in bicycling.
  3. Streamlined design with angled zipper outer side-pockets.
  4. Replaced Velcro with magnets or snaps.
  5. Moved water bottle holder to exterior.
  6. Headphone/tube port on each side.
  7. Inside loops to secure hydration bladders.
  8. Zipper pocket size has been increased to 10 inches x 7.5 inches to accommodate iPads and 45 rpm records for you vinyl collectors.
  9. Hip-loading belt is an integral part of the bag, not an optional extra.

Product Description

BackTpack 4 New Features Detail

Two large compartments, one on either side
  • State-of-the-art crinkle nylon fabric
  • Padded bottoms and side panels against your body for durability and comfort
  • Briefcase handles for easy carrying by hand, with snap fasteners for holding handles together
  • Heavy duty construction; bounce tested with 50-pound load for 48 hours
Multiple pockets inside and out (12 in total)
  • Cell phone pocket on outside
  • Pen pockets inside each compartment
  • Large zippered pocket inside each compartment (9)
  • Large open-topped pockets against body (1)
  • Small outside zippered pockets on the right and left (4)
  • One bottle holder on outside (6)
  • Magnet and snap closures
  • Inside loops for securing hydration packs (9)
Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Padded for comfort
  • Secured in place by an adjustable sternum strap, so they never fall off your shoulders
Adjustable LAP-STRAP
  • This unique feature is essential for spinal health. When you sit or squat while wearing the bag, the LAP-STRAP immediately transfers the weight of the bags off the shoulders and spine and onto the thighs without having to remove the shoulder straps. This prevents unhealthy load-bearing through a flexed (rounded) spine.
  • Allows bags to remain accessible at your sides if you choose to remove shoulder straps while seated
Integral hip-loading belt 
  • Takes the weight of the bag off of your spine and shoulders if/when you need to do so for comfort or because of injury
  • IMPORTANT! Use of the hip-loading belt reduces the posture training effect of the BackTpack carrying system
Hip-width adjuster
  • Locking system for desired hip width (2)
Headphone port on each side (8)
Hang loop for storage on a hook
Key fob

Additional Information


Fits kids and adults from 4’0″ (120 cm) and up.

Bag size

14 x 13 x 3.5 in. (36 x 33 x 8.9 cm)

Max. laptop width that fits

15 in. wide, (38 cm)

Volume capacity

637 (10.4 Liters) per side bag, 1274 (20.9 L) total


2.1 lb (953 g)

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