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The First Braille Smartwatch. Introducing the Dot Watch.

Long battery life. Continuous and timeless.

From morning’s first light to evening's last star, enjoy stable Bluetooth networking with long-lasting battery life of ten days.The Dot Watch is ready to go with you.

With these goals in mind, we conceived the Dot Watch. A beautifully designed smartwatch that you can wear every day. Powered by our innovative, patented technology, the Dot Rotor, this is the first time braille is put into motion and integrated into an electronic device. Embrace being the first to experience it. Designed to Touch Touch the display. Feel the Dots come up and prod at your fingertips.

How many are there? One followed by two Dots on the hour module? That means that it's now 12 o'clock. Checking for time is that simple. So are getting notifications. Just wait for your Dot Watch to vibrate - it'll tell you who reached out.

Dot Watch Close Up

Look closely. It only gets better. An elegant, concave watch face that absorbs shock from critical falls. Lightweight, anodized, aluminium case for everyday wear and special occasions.

With the Dot Watch, it’s the little things that really matter.

Along with your Dot Watch, you will receive a practical charger and a manual with embossed Braille and schematics. Of course, the watch comes with one year's warranty and guaranteed regional customer service.

Tell Date and Time

Automatically sync today’s date and time with your Dot Watch. Simply connect the Dot Watch to the Dot Watch application via Bluetooth. Also available as a standalone product. Easily set the date and time manually without connecting to your phone when using the Dot Watch. Because your time is precious – embracing every single second.

Get Notifications on Calls and Messages

It’s so easy to get notifications. With just one click of a button, receive real-time information from your mobile device. C-A-L-L and vibrations will notify you of an incoming call. Check the caller ID on your Dot Watch. You can also read through messages, save important ones, and revisit them later on the Dot Watch application.

Smart features with the Dot App

By downloading the app and installing it on your mobile device, you suddenly get access to all the cool features and functions of the Dot Watch. Learn braille and practice reading it. Check how many steps you have taken throughout the day and monitor your life. Be prepared for the rain with the weather feature on the Dot Watch app. More features available.


DOT WATCH Body, Charging Cradle, Manual




  • Size : 43mm Case
  • Depth : 12.5mm
  • Strap length : SMALL-21cm / LARGE-25cm


  • Body : 6000 Series Aluminum
  • Loop : Metal


  • Li-polymer 400mAh(Fully charges up to 2 hours)

Other Specifications

  • Bluetooth LE 4.2 (iOS/Android)
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Touch sensor
  • Wireless MCU Platform 

Supported Languages

Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic

Supported Android devices (more will be added soon)

    • Galaxy S4 mini (4.4.4)
    • Galaxy Note3 (5.0)
    • Galaxy S5 (6.0.1)
    • Galaxy S6 (7.0)
    • Galaxy J3 (6.0.1)
    • Galaxy A7 (6.0.1)
    • Galaxy Folder (5.1.1)
    • Galaxy S7 (7.0)
    • Galaxy S8 (8.0)
    • LG V10 (6.0)
    • LG X5 (6.0.1)

A Male person wearing Dot Watch stylishlyPerson wearing Dot Watch Stylishly - Top ViewDot Watch Packaging Shot



A finger touching the Braille dots of Dot Watch Manual

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Manufactured By Dot Inc.
Product Size Size: 43mm Thickness: 12.5mm
Product Weight 27gms (0.952 ounce)
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