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The Perkins Brailler - emboss 25 lines with 42 cells on an 11" x 11 1/2" sheet.

Why the Perkins Brailler

  • Best in Class: The most widely used mechanical braille writer in the world since its invention in 1951.

  • Durability that Lasts for Decades: Metal casing, closed body architecture (limiting dust accumulation), and over 66 years of craftsmanship, resulting in a resilient product.

  • Wide-ranging Usefulness: Wide paper length to accommodate complex math, note taking or other literacy activities.

  • Reliable Support: One year warranty, repair service trainings and repair service centers throughout the world, ensuring that any problem with your product is resolved quickly.

More Details

Time Tested: Developed at Perkins in 1951, the Perkins Brailler continues to be used worldwide. Durable and dependable, it can emboss 25 lines with 42 cells on an 11” x 8 ½ “ sheet of paper.


  • Perkins Brailler comes in blue, grey or green.
  • Can emboss 25 lines with 42 cells on 11” x 8 ½ “ sheet of paper.
  • Includes leather dust cover and wooden eraser.
  • Highly durable (known to last for decades)
  • Margin Guides can be moved right and left to accommodate paper size
  • Straightforward, easy to use, and with fewer errors compared with using a slate and stylus


  • Weight: 10.6 lb (4.8 kg)
  • Paper size maximum: 11.5 x 14 in (29.2 x 35.6 cm)
  • Recommended paper weight: 90 lb
  • Key pad: Ergonomic design for ease of typing; Perkins keyboard standard
  • Bell: Audible bell sounds 7 spaces before end of line

Braille produced by the Perkins Brailler conforms to the American National Library Service for the Blind Size and Spacing Standard.

Perkins Brailler schematic showing dot spacing and height.

  • Dot height: .019 in (.5 mm)
  • Dot diameter: .057 (1.4 mm)
  • Dot spacing: .09 in (2.3 mm)
  • Character spacing: .24 in (6 mm)
  • Line spacing: .4 in (10 mm)


Download brailler user manuals and read the Perkins brailler FAQ.

Read the Perkins Brailler FAQ

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Manufactured By Perkins Solutions
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Product Weight 10.6 lbs
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