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With its sleek design, 19" rotatable screen, and full HD high definition Vario camera, the Mezzo Vario is an excellent choice for people who want the highest quality reading experience in a nice, small package. It offers a full screen, desk top reading experience with true portability. The 13.5 pound unit folds flat for transport, and its rechargeable battery offers up to 2 hours of plug-free operation. The full HD Vario camera has the sharpest resolution of any camera on the market and has tremendous depth of field, with virtually no pixilation or flickering. Continuous magnification ranges from 0.9X – 100X. A great unit for those who demand more from their CCTV than just reading. Includes carrying case.

The new mezzo VARIO â€“ Your advantages at a glance
  1. magnification range from 1x – 100x
  3. integrated fullHD VARIO camera offers a pin sharp picture
  5. NELE light-technology reduces glare in all magnification levels to a minimum, even when looking at glossy paper
  7. due to the antiglare effect, three dimensional objects can be viewed comfortably with no shadow irritations
  9. easy to operate with only three buttons
  11. fully adequate desktop magnifier with a weight of less than 13lbs
  13. foldable and can be easily transported
  15. mezzo VARIO comes completely installed in only one box
  17. optionally available is an XY-table and a mobility pack (battery and carrying case)

With the new mezzo HD, Reinecker Reha-Technik starts into a new era of video magnifiers that matches the contemporary needs of the individual user: big enough to comfortably read in either horizontal or vertical direction of the integrated 15.6’’ LED monitor; small enough to easily move it from one place to the other or to transport it to another location. The folding mechanism has been improved, so that the new mezzo HD can be collapsed or erected at the push of a button. And all this in only a few seconds.

For a better overview and orientation, the minimum magnification of the new mezzo HD starts already at x2.2 and can be continuously increased to x90.
Maximized picture quality due to native camera resolution on the display. True HD!

More characters in line will be displayed on the new LED monitor of the new mezzo HD. Columns can be comfortably read just by turning the monitor to 90°. The picture will automatically be adapted to the new monitor direction.

 Optionally available are a XY-table and the Mobility pack including battery and carrier case for mezzo HD.


  • a space saving video magnifier in HD quality
  • easy transport, easy installation, easy operation
  • ergonomic
  • contemporary

Technical Data


60 Hz camera, progressive scan
1360 x 768 pixel total resolution

Autofocus with one-touch deactivation
39.6 cm | 15.6“W TFT monitor height adjustable and inclinable

approx. x2.2 - x90

Rechargeable battery: 

rechargeable lithium polymer-battery
operating time: approx. 2.5-4 h (depending on illumination setting)
charging time: approx. 3.5 h


memory function
line marker

For reading: 

letter, book, photo, catalogue, account statement, newspaper, plastic object

Weights and measures: 

weight approx. 5.3 kg | 11.7 lbs
W x H x D approx. 39 x 49 x 49 cm|15.4 x 19.3 x 19.3 inch

Colour modes:

Full colour mode
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